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Professional Skin Care

Hjeronymus deep cleansing treatment originates from Denmark and has been marketed in Scandinavia for 70 years. This is not a beauty treatment, but a deep-acting cleansing. The treatment is performed by Certified Beauticians with considerable experience in skin care and you can be sure that the treatment is always performed under conditions that suit your skin type.

The treatment is suitable for all skin types. Our special deep-acting products dissolve excess fat, detach the impurities from the skin and accelerate the production of new skin cells. Blood circulation is promoted, which strengthens the skin.

During 70 years we have achieved very good results in the treatment of acne prone skin. If you suffer from severe acne you may experience negative effects after the first treatment. This is due to the deep cleansing effect of the special product which makes the acne that was due to break out in the near future, break out in the week following the treatment. Thereafter, the skin becomes better and better. The treatment also has an astringent effect on skin with wide pores and gives a bleaching performance on non-hormonal pigmentation changes.

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